Our Board of Directors is comprised of farmers with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. So that you can get to know us a bit, here is some information on the members of the Board.

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Rachel Bouressa, Vice President

Rachel Bouressa, Vice President
New London, WI

Rachel grew up as fifth generation on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin; her parents were early adopters and advocates of managed grazing.  Seeing how this switch transformed the land and the success of the family’s farm, she then went on to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with an emphasis on grass-based systems and sustainable agriculture.  She received degrees in Agronomy and Environmental Science, and worked in the Agroecology Masters program.  In 2014 Rachel returned to her family’s farm to raise direct-market, grass-fed beef.  She believes in the value and need for perennial, restorative agriculture and agricultural systems modeled after natural ecosystems.

Amy Fenn, Treasurer
Vance Haugen
Deb Jakubek
Kirsten Jurcek
Kevin Mahalko, President
Cherrie Nolden
Aaron Pape, Secretary
Ashly Steinke
Melissa Weyland
Richard (Otto) Wiegand