GrassWorks 2023 Board Of Directors Representation

Our Board of Directors is comprised of farmers with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. So that you can get to know us a bit, here is some information on the members of the Board.

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Drew Carlson

Drew Carlson
Rio, WI

Drew and his family own and operate Full Circle Farmstead located in Rio, Wisconsin. He strives to restore the soil and ecology of the land his family stewards while providing healthy food for his friends and community through holistic management practices. He will be entering his third year of raising grass-fed and finished Murray Grey stockers and is planning to expand his animal husbandry skills to other grass-fed livestock when the time is right. Drew plans to incorporate silvopasture practices on the family farm to provide shade and fodder in the form of pollarding/coppicing tree systems. In addition to farming, he owns and operates an ecological landscape design and installation business, Full Circle Designs, which helps property owners such as farmers, businesses and residents design the property they steward. He is a certified permaculture design teacher, has a bachelor's degree in environmental ethics from UW Stevens Point and a master certificate in sustainability leadership from Edgewood College, has worked in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sector, and has experience organizing and leading grassroots based organizations such as the Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence. Drew looks forward to helping Grassworks evolve while staying rooted in its mission to provide education, leadership and resources to graziers.

Amy Fenn, Treasurer
Vance Haugen
Deb Jakubek, Vice President
Kirsten Jurcek
Kevin Mahalko, President
Cherrie Nolden
Aaron Pape, Secretary
Ashly Steinke
Melissa Weyland
Richard (Otto) Wiegand